Academic Certification over Blockchain

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Academic Authenticity using Blockchain

Blockchain technology promises decentralized, unalterable and secure information or asset storage. Certify.pk presenting you Pakistan's first platform to verify the authenticity of academic certificates by using digital signature, machine readable certificates and event timestamping using Blockchain Technology.

Certify.pk is based on Distributed Ledger Technology, extreamely fast, secure and flexible blockchain. This enables Certify.pk to help educational institutions to adopt world's most advanced technology and make their certificates always valid, verifiable by employer and impossible to duplicate or hack.

The project is developed by the BlockchainTech, aims to provide consultations and development to fintechs, banks, insurtech, healthtech and logistic solutions to bring change through using Blockchan as the back bone of their services.


Proof of Existance

Academic credential fraud is reality and counterfeiting documents is a very common problem and its getting easir day by day. On the other hand verification of these documents are becoming comborsome process for instituions and employers.

Certify.pk allows institutions to issue digitally stamped and machine readable certificates. Digital signatures ensure the authenticity, intergrity and non-repudiation of the certificates.

A crptographic variant of the certificates on public blockchain validate its existance and prove its genuity.

Verification & Data Privacy

Providing one-step verification with multiple options. Verify using student's National Identity Number, Digital Certificate or by scanning QR code on Digital Certificate. Get complete core blockchain infromation including Block Height, Transaction Hashes, Digital Signature and Transactions Addresses where certificate exist.

All data is encrypyted and cryptographically hashed using extreamely secured hashing algorithms on Blockchain and cannot be seen by everyone.

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